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Earnshaw's Magazine On Trend October 2015 Holly HastieEarnshaw's Magazine On Trend October 2015 Holly Hastie

Earnshaw's Magazine October 2015

View Earnshaw's Magazine October 2015 Edition 'On Trend: Lite Brite' featuring Holly Hastie 'Jackie Jacket' in Indigo Italian Denim:

'On Trend: Lite Brite'
While last spring’s collections were firmly settled in the province of a ’70s-inspired bohemia, this fall, a few brave brands ventured toward the fluorescent filled ’80s. Children’s designers looked to Jonathan Anderson’s brilliant new wave patterns and the glam technicolor palette at Au Jour le Jour for tips on how to punch up their spring offerings. Highlighter hues ranging from acid-yellow to eye-popping pink could be found electrifying from harem pants to hair accessories. Paired with neutrals, such as grey and white, these fluorescent shades look clean and contemporary, while all-over brights make a bold statement that’s right in line with the more-is-more fashion movement. Either way, these high-intensity hues are sure to energise spring selections. Tara Anne Dalbow

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